Women losing Hair

For a woman losing their hair or feeling that their hair is thinning or breaking off is a real concern. An option can be a female hair transplant or biofibre hair implants. Either is safe you just need to consider the pros and cons and decide which hair transplant procedure is best for you.

The biofibre hair transplant is safe and effective, it is a light surgical procedure and looks quite natural with immediate results. This is generally very popular as anyone thinking about a female hair transplant doesn’t want to wait months and months for a visible result. This treatment is safe and can be reversed, it allows you to get on with your life immediately after the treatment.

Considerations for the Female Hair Transplant

  • Your scalp needs to be in good condition and healthy otherwise the hair may fall out and you would feel aggrieved as you had spent that money.
    You may need to revisit the trichologist as some may need to be re-implanted
  • This treatment is ideal for any female of any age,
  • Ask to see examples when they have carried out female hair transplant – look for before and after images.

Make Contact

If you are interested in a female hair transplant treatment, you should make contact with this company replacehair.  We have heard very good things about them and they have hair loss clinics all over the UK.  They offer various options and some of the clinics may even offer a flexible payment scheme, meaning you can spread the payments.  A Trichologist is the only person that can determine what is causing the hair loss, so take the plunge and make the appointment.  They will assess the scalp and hair follicle then give you their assessment.  Most clinics offer this service free of charge if you are discussing treatments with them.

TIP:  Only phone or email a clinic that has a proven track record in hair transplants.