It is a known fact that females and male suffer hair loss differently, females start to lose their hair on the top of the head, what you will find is that their hairline can remain intact. This is a good thing as it means you can disguise your hair loss condition for a period of time, however as it comes more obvious you are very aware tht for female pattern hair loss you need to do something about it.

Solution for Female Pattern Hair Loss

First thing you need to do is make an appointment to talk to professionals. Only a qualified professional can tell you why you are suffering hair loss. You may want an instant fix and head to the chemist, thatis probably what most people do, but that is not a long-term solution

Trichologist Matters

The trichologist will assess the hair shaft under a microscope and tell you what is happening and they will also take your medical history. When they run tests and get the results they can tell you why you are suffering from female pattern hair loss.

If you are suffering from hair loss because of a medical condition or have suffered an accident and losing your hair it could return. If you are suffering from female pattern hair loss and you don’t get it treated you could have very bad bald patches appear and eventually much worse.

Hair Loss Treatment

The best thing to do when suffering from female pattern hair loss is to speak to the specialists and then determine what  your options are.  A Trichologist will explain what the best treatments are, hopefully give you options and discuss how you can pay.  Some clinics need upfront payment, however not everyone can do that.

Don’t suffer in silence would be our advice.  Speak to people who know what they are talking about.  We put a link on the home page of this blog to send you to a site that we recommend.