Hair Transplant Clinics UK

With so many choices now for Hair Transplants we look at some of the very best hair transplant clinics in the UK

In the North East of England there are very few choices however we would suggest having a look at

In Wales there are very few hair transplant clinics to choose from so click HERE and see who we would recommend.

In Birmingham you really do have lots of hair transplant clinics to choose from for hair loss treatments. Check out this Birmingham Hair transplant clinic at

Manchester seems to be the hair transplant capital of the United Kingdom which provided us with more choices than anywhere click HAIR TRANSPLANT and see who we decided was the very best!

Liverpool was our next stop and we have decided to go with this hair transplant clinic

Of course it is entirely up to you who you choose for your hair transplant however our biggest piece of advice is to keep the surgery here in the UK.