Hair Transplant

Male Hair Transplant is well documented in the press and internet. The hair starts to recede around the crown area and at the front of the forehead, it can start to become very noticeable and normally it can have an impact on a man’s confidence levels. Some men take great pride in their hair and others not so much.

If you are thinking of a male hair transplant, the adverts may have caught your eye for a cheap price in Turkey etc, but be very cautious of this as what happens when you come home. There will be things about the treatment that you won’t have taken in when listening to the Surgeon.

Talk to a Trichologist

Baldness is not something that anyone wants, so a male hair transplant can be a great option. Some clinics will offer flexible payment terms but some may need payment upfront. The first step is to meet with a Trichologist (again preferred local person) that will take a hair sample, look at your scalp and look at the general health of the scalp. They will normally put the hair sample under a microscope to assess it, then they can see what is happening.

The Trichologist will give you the results from the testing, at this point you are normally expected to discuss and agree which male hair transplant treatment you will sign up for. Be honest about what you can afford, if it’s out with your budget, ask what other options are there. What we think you should do is have this conversation at the start before going to the time and effort of meeting a few times.

Make Contact

There are achievable solutions out there for male hair transplant, you don’t need to travel abroad and you can deal with someone local to you in the UK. We put a link on the home page of this blog, see it for more info.