Men can lose their hair from any age, it could be something that men from previous generations have suffered from. They might be experiencing high stress and anxiety and it is impacting on their health, unfortunately their hair is affected resulting in male pattern hair loss.

Male Pattern Hair Loss

Typically notice their hair loss either at the hair line which starts to recede or on the crown of the head. In days gone by, people would try to disguise with growing the area of hair that isn’t affected then use that hair, but that just looks awful. You do feel for them however as they must have thought or believed that it worked!

Male Pattern Hair Loss can result in complete baldness if not treated, some men don’t bother whereas others will consider a hair transplant in an instant. What you need to do is get the facts first, find out what the issue is and then get a treatment plan. The only person who can determine what is going on is a Trichologist, they understand the structure of a hair follicle and will assess it under a microscope to tell a story of what has been going on with the hair.

Make an Appointment

If you are suffering from male pattern hair loss, take our advice and meet with a Trichologist, some clinics offer free appointments for a consultation. You cannot bypass this stage, so you need to be patient as unless you wear a wig (that may be obvious) there is no instant result. Like any issue with your health, the thing that is causing the problem needs identified before you can fix it.

Don’t jump at the first possible option, male pattern hair loss is no laughing matter, speak to the clinic and look at all options. Ask about flexible payment plans too but don’t get into massive debt that you cannot pay back. That would cause more stress than is necessary.