With hair transplants becoming even more popular and affordable this is of course mostly a good thing however it also brings an element of rogue hair transplant clinics. Be very careful when deciding on which hair transplant clinic you choose as this type of surgery can be life changing in many ways


Rogue Hair transplant Clinics – what happens if I have made a bad choice?


If you have been unlucky enough to have been the victim of a rogue hair transplant clinics you need to seek advice from a reputable hair transplant surgeon and of course seek legal advice fro  a family law firm.

We can recommend;


If you live in Scotland try Smiths Family Lawyers


Rogue HAIR Transplant Clinics – finance packages


Sometimes a good starting point is to see if the hair transplant clinic offers a finance package. This will usually determine whether they are legitimate or not. Even if they do offer a finance package you can still use your own money to pay for your hair transplant and as an extra tip you can use money from your SIPP Pension as you can take this money out without being charged.